Just Leitern und Gerüste seit mehr als 130 Jahren

1885 JUST-Leitern company founded in Vienna.

The logging took place in the year 1889, where it was writtenly stated that the company produces ladders, scaffolding and wooden devices.


1914 due to the recognition if its high-grade products, the company get the right to possess the Austro-Hungarian imperial eagle.


1976 transformation of the company from a one-owner to a joint-stock company.


1985 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of JUST it is again rewarded with the Austrian coat of arms.


2004 after 42 years of service for JUST Leitern AG, the executive Ewald Tuwora entered a well deserved retirement. The supervisory board of JUST Leitern AG appointed Christian Leistner-Mayer as sole executive as of 1.1.2004.


2010 the 125th anniversary of the company was celebrated with a party on the company premises. JUST Leitern AG was present with their employees, representatives of partner companies, public figures and numerous other guests. The economic chamber of Austria spoke their gratitude and appreciation on this occasion, to the years of successful activity of the company.


Today is JUST LEITERN a manufacturer and supplier of various improvisedclimbing aidsmade of aluminum, wood, stainless steel and rubber for all the requirements of the conquest of height. The company and all subsidiaries in Austria and abroad, offer professional advice and have a wide range of stores. To meet all requirements its customers JUST additionally offers rental of scaffolding for facades and movable scaffolding.