Various other products

The fact that aluminum material is also ideal for other applications, demonstrates the diversity of products that we see in JUST LEITERN AG which are always producing.


Below you can see some examples of our work.


Aluminum - as creative as we are!



Projector stand

Magnetic pin board

Magnetic pin board, also to write on it, with a pen holder

Speakers desk

Blinds: desk

Radiator panels

Radiator panels with round or rectangular perforated sheet

Bar tables - coffee tables

Used by simply changing the foot when standing or as a coffee house table, universal.

Gala dinner – foldable tables

with plates and trucks for compact storage.

Bankomat checkouts holder

In differrent designs

Vehicle fairing

In the automotive sector, we offer extensions, e.g. Aluminum sheet metal panel warts, fix-mounted aluminum tool box, running boards for SUV and off-road vehicles and much more to customer specification.

Auto exhibition platforms

Pool supports

Pool aluminum supports protect the plans of the pool from too much pressure during heavy snow conditions.

There are pool supports over 4 m with weight about 9 kg

Balcony rail with frame for vines

In addition to a balustrade for the balcony, an aluminum construction was installed, which also serves as a terrace roofing and as a climbing aid for two vines.

and many more...