JUST Equipment Trolleys

Type 79-100 JUST Equipment Trolleys

Anyone involved in fire-fighting operations knows that in rescuing human lives, every minute counts. Cars need to be loaded quickly and equipment set up swiftly. The Equipment Trolley from JUST Leitern AG aids in optimising warehouse and material logistics and help to save both time and energy.

  • With a handle brake system and directional locks on each castor wheel, the Equipment Trolley can be easily used by one person
  • The Trolley‘s effortless and ergonomic function significantly reduces the burden on emergency services, particularly in the transportation of bulky and heavy equipment
  • Suitable vehicles can be loaded quickly and easily with the Equipment Trolley via a loading ramp or lift
  • JUST Equipment Trolleys are made with high-quality materials that guarantee durability and longevity

79-101 Trolley with 1 plattform

Trolley with plattform

The Equipment Trolley is extremely versatile and is the basis for all other products in the range. Have a specific requirement? JUST also offers custom variations of this product.

  • Versatile and adaptable
  • Platform made of a weather-proof non-slip wood screen printed plate
  • Built with ball bearing, smooth running wheels
  • Directional locks included on castors
  • Includes ergonomic integrated handle bar with insulated non-slip sheathing
  • Operated by a handle brake (or „dead man‘s switch“)
  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 800mm x 1223mm (L/W/H)
  • Also available with upper platform (79-102)
Model No. Details Load Capacity Weight
     maximum approx.
79-101 Trolley with 1 Plattform 500 kg 46,0 kg
79-102 Trolley with 2 Plattforms 500 kg 72,0 kg

79-103 trolley with lattice container

Trolley with lattice container

This trolley additionally secures the load with lattice side-panels.

  • Similar to 79-101, but with the addition of hot dip galvanized laser cut lattice side-panels
  • Upper half of the right side panel can fold down for easy loading and unloading
Model No. Details Load Capacity Weight
    maximum approx.
79-103 Trolley with lattice container 500 kg 96,0 kg

79-104 Trolley for type-b hoses (rendering)

Trolley for Type-b hoses

This trolley is ideal for transporting Type-B hoses of up to 500m in length.

  • Similar to 79-101, with the addition of 6 smooth, moisture-repellent partitions
  • 5 bays, each 133mm wide
  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 800mm x 1325mm (L/W/H)
Model No. Details Load Capacity Weight
    maximum approx.
79-103 Trolley for Type-B Hoses 500 kg 96,0 kg