JUST Ladders & Scaffolds

Over 130 years of experience

Welcome to the world of JUST ladders - a world of ladders, climbing aids, scaffolding and constructions made of innovative materials, processing, individual constructions and special solutions.       


JUST conductors can be found in scaffolding as well as in space missions to Mars. JUST ladders can be found in family house construction, such as the deicing of airplanes, on race tracks for bridging roadways, at fire brigades in Austria and abroad, when cleaning train sets or modern glass constructions.


Of course, in addition to our custom-made products, we also have standard ladders for domestic use in our range. You can purchase these directly from us during the opening hours. Just come over!


More than 130 years of experience make JUST ladders a reliable partner, where handshake quality is part of corporate culture, as motivated employees.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. For each application we find an individual solution. We are also looking forward to your subscription to our newsletter.

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