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Truck de-icing deck
Truck de-icing deck

Truck de-icing deck


For safety reasons, the removal of snow and ice has become the legal obligation on the planar roof of a truck.

JUST Leitern AG recommends a de-icing stage to prevent falling pieces of ice in traffic.


Construction combinations:

  • Stage length 5000 mm
  • Platform width 800 mm
  • Frame construction aluminum
  • Stage galvanized steel
  • Stair inclination 45 °
  • Step depth 270 mm
  • Platform height 3200 mm
  • Load 150 kg per stage / 300 kg total

Expansion of your de-icing stage by 2500 mm is possible.

Optionally, floor plates for ballast weights are available.


Would you like more information about the truck de-icing deck or a personal consultation by our sales force? We will gladly answer your questions!

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