Our aim is to provide our customers with products at high standard to an economic price. The resulting expectations and requirements, as well as other technical, economic and scheduling agreements from the contract, are met and are intended to contribute to the complete satisfaction of the customer. We see the satisfaction of our customers as the most important prerequisite for our long-term economic success.


The management considers it an essential task to promote the sense of responsibility and quality of the employees as well as to regulate the responsibilities and procedures for all quality-influencing activities and factors. The management defines quality objectives and periodically evaluates them for their continued appropriateness.


It informs itself at regular intervals about the achievement of the quality goals, evaluates the QM system and examines the implementation as well as the effectiveness of adopted measures for improvement. In addition, written records are kept and kept.


The management undertakes to apply the QM system described in this management manual and to constantly improve its effectiveness.


The task of the quality manager (QM) and the QM officer (QMB) is taken over by Christian Leistner-Mayer. The QMB is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the QM system and for informing the management about the QM system.


The management and the QMB provide through role models, discussions, regular meetings and other appropriate measures such. For example, training courses, circulars and notices ensure that the quality policy is conveyed, understood and observed at the appropriate levels of the company.


Each entity named in the QM Handbook and Procedures is responsible for ensuring that the specifications are met to ensure the quality of the products to be delivered in all areas of their competence. This includes the responsibility of all employees to ensure compliance in their area of responsibility.


Our employees are actively involved in quality responsibility and thus - each in their place - make their contribution to quality management. Employees are also encouraged to work continuously to improve the quality management system.


All employees have access to the QM manual, procedures and other documents.


Zeiselmauer, 10.2.2017