Roof ladders

Aluminum roof ladder
Aluminum roof ladder

Aluminium ladders for fix installation on the roof or hanging on the ridge

  • These ladders are suitable for lifting on the roof with a slope of 74 degrees
  • Rungs and bars are made of high-aluminum structures which are resistant to atmospheric conditions
  • Depending on the type of roof, we have developed especially designed hooks to ensure the greatest reliability
  • The ladders can also be supplied as models with a polymer coating (color depending on the buyer’s request) with an additional surcharge.
Art. No. Article
60-201 Ladder for the roof aluminium 3 m
60-202 Ladder for the roof aluminium 6 m
60-203 Connecting lining to nipple up the ladder pieces
60-204 Hooks for mounting on the roof (standard)
60-205 Hooks, stainless steel, universal
Hooks to attach the ladder to the roof (hang on gable)
Hooks for the edge of the roof, depending on slope