Shaft ladders

  • available in aluminum, ionodized aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • diverse selection of standard and additional parts

60-009 Standard Shaft ladder

Shaft ladders - Standard

  • Wide range of mounting brackets and additional articles
Art. Nr. Article Length
60-008 Shaft ladder standard 6 m
60-009 Shaft ladder depending on customers wish  

60-401 shaft ladder with massive structure

Shaft ladders with a massive structure

  • In cooperation with security technology company has developed various aluminum ladders with fixed welded stabilizers.
  • Entry helpers and other additional parts offer maximum security.

60-300 Shaft ladders - Stainless steel

Shaft ladders - Stainless steel

  • Used in connection with aggressive substances, and everywhere, where aluminum cannot be used.
  • Material V2A or V4A