European scaffolding narrow

Europagerüst schmal Type 46

TYPE 46 Aluminium mobile tower



from 2,5 m until 12 m in accordance with EN (Characteristically going up to 18 m)



1,85 m; 2,45 m; 3,05 m industrial production (Possibly different length)



0,75 m + stabilizer


Permissible load:

200 kg per m2, max. capacity. 500 kg (scaffolding class 3)



JUST European scaffolding type 46 is the little brother of European scaffolding type 47. Due to its overall width of 0,75 m – usable width of 0,6 m, this scaffolding may be erected even on very narrow sites.



Type 46 has all the technical and economical advantages of the type 47. It is versatile in many fields of application and besides all the platforms, connecting struts and wheels are also suited to type 47. Reliability and stability confirmed with practice.



JUST European scaffolding type 46 is also consistent with the strictest European supervisory requirements and has the same certificates of control as the JUST European scaffolding type 47. JUST European scaffolding is standardized in accordance with modern standards, indoor 12 meters, and outside of buildings up to 8 meters. For higher scaffolding, there is no standard yet. However, due to the stable structure of type 47 it is possible - under certain circumstances - to build higher than that.



Stabilizersand eventual ballast stabilizers, and the circumstances of ballasts are used for expansion racks and security JUST European scaffolds and are necessary for almost all installations. The number, type and use of stabilizers which are used are very important and depend on available space and many other factors. For almost all standard heights with an appropriate choice of stabilizers, ballasts are required. Stand-alone application and regulations suggest a four bracket system.


STABILIZERS requirement for the type 47:

Up to 5,3 m high platform 4 × 49-022 normal stabilizers

With 6,2 m height platform 4 × 49-042big stabilizers


STABILIZERS requirement for the type 46:

Up to 4,2 m height platform 4 × 49-022 normal stabilizers

With 5,3 m height platform 4 × 49-042big stabilizers


49-270 ballast of 20 kg

Applying ballasts, there is also an opportunity to build a high scaffold with lower stabilizers in accordance with the rules. If you need to send us your request. Our qualified employees will be happy to advise you.

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