Wine barrel ladder


Once used in the harvest, the wine barrel ladder you don’t want to miss it anymore. Specifically developed for side profiles are associated with very fluted rungs every 4 cm in the pulsed-arc welding process.


Special hooks allow for hooking up both the conventional trailer with tub as well as a wagon.


The rear sloping converging to a pointed side rails give additional grip to slide back while guaranteeing a slight move on without the dock.


And after the harvest time of harvesting bridge is used everywhere in your company, it was more than loading ramp, ramp, garbage ladder and much more!

Art. number length Weight Inner light
16-324  4 m  28 kg 0,5 m
16-325 5 m  35 kg 0,5 m
16-326 6 m 41,5 kg 0,5 m